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Did you know that adults with AD/HD and Executive Function challenges are more likely to start their own business - 300% more likely, according to Psychology Today! Roya knows that adults with AD/HD have unique gifts that, when used effectively, can have a big impact. She also knows that many adults were not taught how to capitalize on their talents as children and are therefore suffering as adults, especially in the workplace.

Roya’s cross-cultural, multidisciplinary approach to coaching has changed the lives of thousands of people. Her coaching method helps adults with AD/HD identify their skills to make the most of their talents. She understands that the brain of someone with AD/HD is wired differently – not better or worse – just different. In her strengths-based approach to coaching, Roya won’t make you work hard to overcome your weaknesses.  She is dedicated to helping you cut through the clutter, find out how your differences can be your strengths, and maximize your creativity to achieve your goals!

AD/HD and Executive Function challenges at work

In Roya’s experience, adults with AD/HD and Executive Function challenges generally have difficulties with a combination of some of the following areas, especially at work and in the office:

  • Task initiation and completion
  • Prioritization
  • Staying organized
  • Time management
  • Procrastinating
  • Being easily distracted
  • Managing daily responsibilities
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed
  • Focusing on one topic at a time in conversation
  • Having relationship problems with employers, coworkers, family and friends
  • Forgetting appointments, meetings, and deadlines
  • Having difficulty concentrating on any one task over a long period of time
  • Not being able to achieve your full potential

Does This Sound Familiar?

Your boss gives you an assignment that is due in one week. You find it difficult to get started on it that day. You tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes the next day and then the day after that, and so on.

Every time you start to work on the project you get distracted by the simplest things, such as an email from a friend, people walking on the street outside your office, etc. As the deadline approaches you become more and more anxious about finishing the assignment.

Finally, when the week is up, you’ve barely made a dent in the project. You get in an argument with your boss over the amount of time he or she gave you to complete it.

Benefits of AD/HD Business Coaching:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Better ability to prioritize and complete tasks
  • Build time management and organizational skills
  • Develop practical techniques for maintaining focus
  • Create structure in your life
  • Accountability to reach goals
  • Develop new habits to make positive, lasting changes in your life
  • Help you align your thoughts and actions
  • Support you as you grow, take actions, and reach your full potential
  • Help you develop the skills to achieve your personal and professional aspirations

Roya’s main focus is to work with you to master the specific challenges that keep you from attaining positive results in your business and achieving balance in your life. Ultimately, her goals are the same as yours. You will both work hard to enable you to be successful and fulfill your potential!