Guest Speaker

Bring Roya to your organization to talk about Executive Functioning in the workplace

In a world bombarded with distractions 24/7, we all experience challenges with productivity and attention. So much information is thrown around all the time, requiring us to multi-task and shift our focus moment-to-moment. These struggles exist for everyone in the workplace – not just for those with Executive Functioning challenges.

Roya provides in-person and virtual workshops to educate about Executive Functioning difficulties in the workplace. She helps companies support employees that encounter Executive Functioning challenges, such as time management, organization, communication challenges, and others. With Roya’s help, companies can make changes to create workspaces that empower all employees and allow them to access their highest potential and productivity.
Countless parents find themselves overwhelmed as they ceaselessly advocate for their child’s well-being in and out ofschool. Fighting for accommodations and trying to educate the adults in your child’s life can be exhausting. Parents fear that their child will be labeled and his or her opportunities will be limited because of an ADHD diagnosis. When parents do not understand ADHD, it’s not uncommon to struggle to accept their child’s behavior. This can result in power struggles, arguments or the child shutting down as he or she begins to believe that “mom and dad don’t understand.”

While the challenges you face in advocating for your child can leave you feeling like it is you against the world, it is important to remember that you are not alone. With ADHD child and family coaching, you can learn to work with your child’s strengths and help mitigate his or her challenges.

During her workshops, Roya focuses on:

  • increasing time management skills
  • learning how to prioritize tasks
  • combatting SSD – “screen sucking disorder”
  • improving communication skills
  • building organization and planning skills
  • These trainings are ideal for:

  • lunch & learns
  • management trainings
  • productivity trainings
  • team building sessions
  • break-out sessions

    Roya’s workshops are flexible in design and can accommodate a variety of settings. She offers trainings ranging from 1 hour to a half-day. Contact Roya to learn how to schedule a training at your company!