ADHD is powerful. Roya taught my wife and I how not to be powerless and helpless. She introduced practical and concrete tools for working WITH the ADHD as a couple and as a family.

This morning I became overwhelmed by whining kids. I got angry at my wife. We both got upset. Then, We both realized what was happening. My ADHD had us in the same old dance. Something powerful happened. I took a deep breath, asked for some space, went in the other room. My wife supported my need for space. After I calmed down I apologized to my wife and kids for my role. My wife also apologized for her role. I told them I loved them and thanked them for their patience. And the day went on and my wife and I laughed at the ADHD.

Our work with Roya has changed our lives. We are empowered and educated. Most importantly Roya makes it clear that the credit for our progress is not so much about her role, as it is about our willingness to “do things differently.” My wife and I feel ownership for our progress independent of the skills and knowledge Roya has shared. She helped us realize that as powerful as ADHD can be, it can’t touch the power of our love when we are truly committed to living a meaningful life together. Thank you Roya.


Having ADHD is like having a F1 racing car instead of a sedan. Unfortunately, this means that you have 2 problems:

1. Your racing car is extremely powerful, but it’s really hard to drive.
2. You don’t have a users manual, so you need to figure out how it works on your own.

Medical treatment helps you to control the steering and acceleration a lot better, so that you don’t crash while traveling at 150mph. Psychological therapy will help you cope with the baggage from all the previous collisions. But pills and counseling will only give you the ability to control your vehicle. They will not help you to become a competitive driver.

This is why you need a coach, someone who gets to know your driving style and who can guide you into becoming an amazing competitor. If you’re thinking about a coach, I want you to know that Roya was amazing enough to turn this underdog rookie into a world class driver.


Within 5 minutes of my first coaching session with Roya, 47 years of shame and embarrassment began to fade away. Speaking with her reassured me that my lifelong doubts, fears and limitations about who I was and what I could aspire to become were about to change. With Roya’s help, this weight was no longer a nameless shapeless thing, and as soon as I could see it, define it, observe it I realized I could change it. I no longer felt that I was struggling alone, and this helped me share with my family, friends and supporters. I could now take simple steps to work with it and not against it. I could let go of trying to hammer myself into a shape that was not suited to me, and instead, focus on my strengths and allow this “condition” to become an asset. Roya is a gentle soul with a strong determination to help, and her solid convictions made it easy for me to see that I could overcome the illusion of limitations, which were held in place from a lifetime of measuring myself against the standards of others.


Dear Roya,

I really want to acknowledge that you gave me the first step on finding out that I was working to cover my weaknesses which I stop doing, today I am working with getting stronger with my natural strengths and that is the reason why I am very grateful with you.

To our success,


After I discovered I have ADHD, Roya Kravetz started coaching me through Skype since I was living in Europe. She was very good and helped me structure my life, set goals and kept me accountable. She was always available if I needed advice or motivation. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an ADHD Coach.


When choosing individuals that will be working with our children, we prefer people who are loving, accepting, understanding and caring. Roya has all of these qualities. She is a genuine woman who listens, offers advice, opinions and possible solutions. She speaks with you and your child not at you or above you. She easily identifies with issues of concern and is sensitive to your needs and desires. Roya is quite educated in her field and has much to offer to children and parents alike. She will be your child’s advocate and fan. We highly recommend Roya and are thankful that we had the opportunity to work with her.


My son is a client of Roya . He was diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. I can honestly say throughout the period of time, in which my son have been going to Roya, I have seen great improvement with my son. I can personally say that Roya has made a positive impact in my son’s life and I would highly recommend Roya as a Coach.

Client San Diego

“Mrs. Roya is so nice and has helped me to focus and pay attention at home and at school. I think everybody needs Mrs. Roya if they need help focusing!”

J.D., 8 years old

I began to work with Roya in late January, 2014, after managing a business for a year and running headlong into my problems with ADHD, stacked on top of the regular issues associated with getting a venture off the ground. I knew I needed guidance on enhancing my abilities to concentrate on the task at hand and to make order of the chaos that is inherent in managing an enterprise – especially given that I was fully in charge of an operation and success or failure rested largely on my ability to manage and work effectively.

I had known that I had strong problems concentrating on things I wasn’t intensely interested in for many years, but I never really identified my issue as ADHD until reading “Driven to Distraction” – I fit their profile of a person with ADHD to a T. So, I decided that I needed to find a coach with experience in managing professionals with ADHD. I found Roya through my research into coaches in Southern California, and began working with her. 

It’s been over four months now, and I can say undoubtedly that working with Roya is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Before I began working with her, I felt like my life was a whirlwind of activity where I spread my attention across different projects in a very ineffective fashion, burning myself out and creating more stress in the process – the only way I could work effectively was in an “eleventh hour” scenario, which was not only stressful but was extraordinarily limiting in being able to develop a business. Many times I would begin my day with every intention of working on resolving issues in the business or building out the operation, only to end up finding myself two hours later having been distracted reading The New York Times. I was considering throwing in the towel and moving back to the corporate world, where I knew I would be unhappy, but at least would have sufficient outside pressure to keep me somewhat on track.

However, since beginning my work with Roya I have made extraordinary progress in controlling my response to distractions, put much, much better organizational structures into my life, and identified how I can work with my strengths while minimizing weaknesses – through delegation, meditation and other tools. I have begun to believe in my ability to make it as an entrepreneur, whereas I had all but given up hope on being able to manage my ADHD mind outside of a highly structured corporate environment before.

Possibly even more important, we have spent a good amount of time working on identifying exactly what my ideal career would be – what is it that really would push me towards being the best I can be in my professional life, and what would really ignite my interest and allow me to maintain my concentration without having to apply inordinate amounts of effort. As a consequence of this, I have identified new business opportunities I have begun to pursue, but am doing so with a new sense of confidence and self-mastery that I never possessed in the past. 

If you are a professional or entrepreneur struggling with issues with ADHD, I highly recommend Roya Kravetz’s services. After working with for a relatively short period, I can only say that I am extraordinarily satisfied with the progress I have made, and I believe that working with her is one of the best investments I have ever made, from both a business and personal perspective.


Roya Kravetz is one of those rare and exceptional individuals who not only has an extensive background of formal education and training, but a wealth of professional and personal experiences that truly enriches and enhances her work. Her unique abilities to educate, inform, guide, and encourage are partnered with a warm and nurturing personality that allows her to easily establish rapport with her clients and tailor her services to suit their needs. I see her work as a crucial and integral part of a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to successfully managing ADHD or similar challenges in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood. Whether in need of parenting tips, advocacy, guidance, or skill training, Roya consistently meets and exceeds clients’ expectations, and thus has created for herself a reputation of excellence in the professional community. I refer to her with confidence knowing that my patients will receive only the highest standard of care.

Deborah Pontillo, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Developmental & Behavior Specialist