My Child is a Perfectionist! What to Do?

ID-100155111Many times parents tell me that their child takes forever to do homework. This is extremely common for students with ADHD. Sometimes the reason is a slow processing speed. Sometimes, distractibility and lack of focus when the subject is not an interesting topic is the cause.
Commonly, homework takes longer because these children erase their answers or sentences over and over again to the point of frustration and, sometimes, giving up.
Parents often tell me that they never encourage their children to be perfectionists, which may not actually be true. Often the parents of these children are perfectionists themselves! Ninety-five percent of learning how to do something occurs through modeling; only five percent comes through listening to someone tell us how to do it! Parents, be careful what you say and also what you DO that might be indirectly encouraging perfectionist behaviors from your children.

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Roya Kravetz is a Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Board-Certified Coach (BCC) with the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) with Mentor Coach LLC, and Certified Parent Educator (CPE) with the International Network for Children and Families (INCAF). While there are many life coaches out there, very few are accredited and board certified through the ICF and CCE. Roya specializes in educating and coaching individuals and families with ADHD and Executive Function challenges. She also has experience working with adoptive families who have children with ADHD. Roya has combined her professional skills with her broad cultural background to build a highly specialized national and international coaching practice based in Carmel Valley (San Diego), California. She is multi-lingual and coaches in English and Spanish.

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