The 3 WACKIEST Things About Having ADHD

ID-100396964Let’s be clear… there are some GREAT things about having ADHD! Don’t believe me? What about these:

1) You don’t always think like everyone else… but who cares?!?
Linear thinkers don’t always get your wacky way of thinking. You might get lost in the details sometimes, but so what? You’re an out-of-the-box thinker who uses creativity to solve problems and brings a fresh perspective to the table!

2) You don’t always play it safe… so you have lots of F-U-N!
Your ADHD makes you more prone to taking risks, which can definitely make life wacky! That just means you aren’t afraid to try something new, like jumping out of a plane! A lot of ‘neuro-typical’ people would love to have the guts to take risks. Lucky for you, it comes naturally to ADD’ers!

3) You don’t always stick to one thing… but why should you?!?
Your ADHD brain makes you curious about everything. You have lots of interests, meaning you’re never bored and can entertain yourself anywhere!

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About the Author

Roya Kravetz is a Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Board-Certified Coach (BCC) with the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) with Mentor Coach LLC, and Certified Parent Educator (CPE) with the International Network for Children and Families (INCAF). While there are many life coaches out there, very few are accredited and board certified through the ICF and CCE. Roya specializes in educating and coaching individuals and families with ADHD and Executive Function challenges. She also has experience working with adoptive families who have children with ADHD. Roya has combined her professional skills with her broad cultural background to build a highly specialized national and international coaching practice based in Carmel Valley (San Diego), California. She is multi-lingual and coaches in English and Spanish.

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  1. Karen Tremain says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I have combination ADHD, which is severely impacting my ability to keep a job. I have worked a number of years as an inside sales rep and failed miserably in the corporate world. In order to do a career correction, I was able to obtain a master’s in professional counseling but my first job out of my program is case management and something that requires my brain to function more like watching a baseball traveling at 100 mph! I am on the brink of being fired because of my “lack of having critical thinking” and the way I learn is beyond the grasp of my supervisors, both of which are LCSWs!!! I have been written up twice and now on suspension for my lack of “critical thinking” and “maintaining safety” because I struggled to process an event fast enough. I have been through more jobs that people go through rolls of toilet paper in a year because I do not learn at the same pace as others. What’s more, my learning disability is in math. It took me seven years to get my A.A. degree, eight years to get my bachelor’s and master’s but I did it just to fall flat on my face once again in the workforce. I am one breath away from termination at my current job. I did notify the two LCSWs of my ADHD and past trauma regarding my experiences in the workplace and was told to “get over it” and focus on the “here and now.” This is a lot easier said than done when the workplace seems more like a battlefield in Afghanistan.

    I know there is a reason I have such challenges in the workplace. I do all the little tricks of ADHD such as keeping good notes, etc. but nothing helps. This is absolutely awful! I was hoping by getting out of my career of inside sales otherwise known as the boiler room and into something more “me” that this approach to ADHD and workplace challenges would be different. I stand corrected.

    Please help.


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