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Adult Coaching

Does Your ADHD Leave You Feeling
Constantly Overwhelmed and Misunderstood?

Do you procrastinate and put things off, causing you to run around like crazy to finish projects on time? 

Do you feel like your work has to be perfect, causing you to avoid tasks entirely so you don’t do it “wrong.” 

Have you begun to give up completely, questioning whether or not you are capable of succeeding at all.

If these scenarios sound familiar, ADHD coaching can help.

When you struggle with ADHD it can be difficult to prioritize anything in your life. 


You may feel like everything has the same level of importance and urgency, and you quickly become overwhelmed as your to-do list grows. Perhaps you find yourself looking at the big picture, unable to focus when there are too many details. The challenges you face may lead you to think that something is wrong with you or that you are broken.

Nowadays, we are all bombarded with information and distractions throughout our day. If you are struggling with ADHD, you likely feel this pressure much more acutely, to the point where stress may become unmanageable. You may be living a stressful life from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. You may find that you struggle to complete anything at all.

Many People Don’t Receive An ADHD Diagnosis Until They Are Adults

ADHD coaching can help! When you receive an ADHD diagnosis, you can begin learning to use your strengths in a more efficient way, develop strategies to take care of yourself and stop feeling so overwhelmed!

Many individuals feel a sense of relief when they first receive their ADHD diagnosis.

Suddenly there is an explanation for manny of the challenges they have been facing all their lives – like struggling to hold on to a job, changing partners or underachieving. They realize they are not lazy or stupid. After receiving an ADHD diagnosis, however, many individuals also go through a mourning period. It’s not uncommon to wonder what life could have been like had they received this diagnosis earlier on. ADHD coaching in San Diego.

ADHD Coaching Can Help You Feel Happy and Successful In Spite of Your Challenges

With adult ADHD coaching, it is possible to work around the challenges you face. I use a strength-based approach to my coaching, meaning I help you identify your natural talents and learn to work around your challenges. ADHD affects the executive function of the brain, which can create challenges in organization, time management, follow-through and more. Adult ADHD coaching is goal-oriented and offers the structure and accountability needed to make positive changes.

Our society pushes for everyone to overcome their weaknesses, but that isn’t how real people work. Many of the difficulties individuals with ADHD face are a result of how their brain is wired, not a lack of effort or ability. Once you understand how you function, ADHD coaching can help you acquire the tools to leverage your strengths rather than constantly struggling against your weaknesses.

I recognize that your strengths, goals and challenges are unique to you, which is why I tailor my adult coaching methods to meet your specific needs. I use a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural approach to help facilitate communication between you, myself and all of the professionals involved in your diagnosis and treatment (psychiatrists, therapists, etc.) I strongly believe that it is important for everyone to work collectively as you develop the skills and techniques to meet your personal needs and goals in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

To learn about ADHD and addictions, read my blog post here.

But You May Still Have Questions About Adult ADHD Coaching…

I’ve been this way my whole life… is it too late for me to get help?

You may feel as though you have gone your entire life without ever truly being understood. Research shows that the brain has neuroplasticity; therefore, it is always capable of changing and developing. In my extensive professional experience in adult ADHD coaching, I have seen that change is always possible.

I don’t think I need ADHD coaching. I just need to work harder.

People with ADHD have executive functioning challenges. To make changes, it is not a matter of working harder. Positive change happens when you develop the tools to work with the way your brain is naturally wired. However, you have to be prepared for change, and behavioral shifts won’t happen overnight. In order for change to be lasting and meaningful, you need to build new habits. You can develop new skills and techniques in order to develop these new behaviors.

How long should I expect to work with you?

The amount of time it takes for you to benefit from adult ADHD coaching depends on your specific situation. I have some clients who come in for one consultation session, some who come in for four sessions and others who come for six months or more. ADHD is only one aspect of your life, which is why we work with the whole person in adult coaching. Coaching is very action-oriented, and our success depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into your coaching program. I am dedicated to your personal growth and development, but the results do not only depend only on me. Each person is different, has different needs and is in a different place in their lives. We will work together to determine the best approach for your situation.

You Can Feel Confident and
In Control

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