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In the Media

Interviews with Roya

Cien x Cien Mujer on Spotify 10/11/2023 (in Spanish) 

Programa dirigido por Isabel Holgado, en referencia a la mujer emprendedora.

Cien x Cien Mujer on Spotify 22/10/2022 (in Spanish)

Programa dirigido por Isabel Holgado, en referencia a la mujer emprendedora.

Helping Siblings in a Family with ADHD

Interview with Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD

In this interview, Guest Expert Roya Kravetz discusses ways to help siblings get along in families with ADHD.

When Is It More Than ADHD?

Presentation from How to Succeed with ADHD virtual summit (Summer 2015)

In this interview, ADHD Coach Roya Kravetz, PCC, BCC, CMC discusses how to understand the subtle nuances that indicate when a dual-diagnosis of ADHD and Autism is present in clients and more importantly, how to integrate treatment for Autism characteristics into ADHD coaching practices.

Parent Nation Podcast

In this episode, Roya talks to podcast host Tara Kennedy-Kline about ADHD and tips for parents of children with ADHD.

Parent Nation with Tara Kennedy-Kline (click the link to download the podcast)





TV - Watch Roya Kravetz in Action

Talking with KNSD TV San Diego about student molestation allegations at Hamilton Elementary School in City Heights.

RKC Presentation Clip

DISCLAIMER: This video was recorded at a public workshop facilitated by Roya Kravetz and has been shared here with expressed written consent from the subject’s parent(s). It honors and abides by all confidentiality clauses expressed in Roya Kravetz’s coaching contract.

It is not in Roya’s practice to video or audio record any coaching session without specific reason and prior written consent of her client(s). All information pertaining to her clients, including video clips, audio recordings, and written communication, is kept confidential and is only shared in special circumstances with prior written permission from the client(s) and/or parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

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