Roya Kravetz is a Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and
a Board-Certified Coach (BCC) with the Center for Credentialing and Education. Based in San Diego,
Roya provides in-person and virtual coaching for adults, families, and business professionals with ADHD.
She offers coaching in English and Spanish.
Career Coaching
Career Coaching
Adult Coaching
Adult Coaching
Child and Family Coaching
Child and Family Coaching


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How Does ADHD Coaching Help?

ADHD coaching addresses the basic needs and common challenges of individuals with ADHD. It is a seamless blend of three distinct elements that serve to help those with ADHD learn to thrive in life:

  • Education – I educate clients and families about what ADHD is and what it means to struggle with executive functioning challenges. Understanding how these challenges impact your life is the first step in learning to manage them.

  • Skill Building – I work with clients and their families to identify strengths, talents and resources. We develop strategies around those strengths to help manage challenging aspects of daily life. These strategies help in a variety of executive functioning tasks, including time management, decision-making, communication and organization.

  • Achieving Goals – By partnering with you to identify your goals and what you would like to accomplish in ADHD coaching, we can ensure you achieve these goals in a timely manner.

Learn more about ADHDmy approach in coaching, how an ADHD coach is different from a traditional therapist and how ADHD coaching can help. All coaching sessions are 55 minutes and include text and/or email support for the duration of the coaching engagement. Custom coaching packages are available upon request.

Recent Client Testimonial

I was in the worst days of my life when I first meet Roya. I had the world against me. I was in the middle of a family crisis, I was really close to getting fired from my university. I was a 23 years old girl with high blood pressure and damaged stomach due to anxiety. Nobody believed me and Roya was literally my last hope. I came from a country, Iran, which does not recognize ADHD as a disability of adults, everyone thinks it is a made up thing to use the drug (Ritalin!). I had to fight to get even medication but medication does not change your life if you don’t know how to live with ADHD. There were no accommodations in my school, I had no support from anywhere except Coach Roya and my best friend Ali.

Everything changed gradually. Roya made it cIear that I must change my environment and I must not wait for others to give me what I deserve to have. On those days I really had this belief that I am a loser and all of my dreams are just a Joke. I was even ashamed of thinking about my dreams! She told me I can do many things if I cooperate with her. She taught me to plan and set goals, and how to take control of my life. She has a really nice smile which is so encouraging. You know no matter what happens, she always has something amazing to teach you to solve your problem and she will be by your side. She showed me the path and taught me the rules of the game of life. When you have ADHD every day is hard and everything can go wrong, and be unbearable. Once she told me “You have learned all of your life to behave like others and you think it is the only way to be successful but you have a different mind so you need a different path. You are neither weak nor abnormal. You must make peace with your brain and accept your brain is also normal, it is only different so try not to repeat wrong old ways again since no matter how hard you try you will not gain anything.

Since then by trusting her and learning many many ADHD-friendly ways of living, I could bring my studies on track and be able to get the permission to take courses like normal students. I wrote a thesis which made my professors be surprised. I even got accepted to a masters degree. But I always wanted (if I want to be precise I dreamed of) studying abroad and just be able to study in a place in which they accept ADHD and have some support.

Recently, I have received an Admission letter from a Canadian University with full Scholarship to study with a professor I always wanted and in a subject which I love. If you had told me last year that I can achieve this, I would not believe you! All of these changes were impossible for me without Coach Roya’s guidance. Although I am still learning from her, there is one key thing I appreciate most – that is if I know HOW to do something I can achieve it. We do not know how to approach different problems in life and if you or the ones you love have ADHD and really want to change your life, I believe Coach Roya can help you and teach you HOW. I would say she is truly a life saver, just trust her and be patient. As I tell her, she is my angel.” – Mina M.

Illustrations: Mauricio Cordero – mauriciocordero.com